Saturday, January 10, 2009

alien vs predator

Did you ever heard or play this game "aliens vs predator". For the first time i play this game last week with my technical english's lecturer, Miss Marziah. When the lecturer explain about the game, all of us like 'blur'. Then we must find a pair for this game. One person will be a alien and the other one will be a predator. So, we must act with own creativity. I'm feel so nervous when Miss Marziah call our group. I be an alien and my friend as a predator. We will comunicate both of us. The problem is audiens not understand what an alien said. So, the predator will explain it.

I heard the voice that say i'm a cute alien. I.m feel very shy. I think all of us enjoy playing this game and every person have their own talent but they don't show it. So, for the next game i hope we can enjoy like this game.

Monday, October 27, 2008

30 Minutes a Day to a Healthy Heart

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Lighthouses of New England

A beautiful pictorial guide to the lighthouses in New England. Join John Marcus and Susan Cole Kelly on a tour of the lighthouses of New England! This lavishly illustrated book details the fascinating history of lighthouses in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Long Island. Along the way you’ll enjoy excerpts from original keepers’ logs and spend time on the last manned lighthouse in America, Boston Light. With stunning photography that brings each lighthouse to life, this beautiful book is essential for every New Englander and lighthouse enthusiasts everywhere. The publisher of this book is Voyageur Press and the author is Jon Marcus; Susan Cole Kelly (photographer).

Words That Shine Like Stars

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ChangeOne The Diet & Fitness Plan

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sleep to be smart, sexy and slim

This book reveals the secret to getting a good night's sleep by Dean Ornish, MD. Discover why women aren't sleeping and what they can do about it—a good night's sleep leads to a healthy lifestyle where the average woman can feel sexy, smart, and slim. When you are sleep deprived, the authors write, "you don’t think straight, make good decisions, remember where you parked the car, or feel like making love." But when you do sleep, "your brain runs a checklist that would put NASA to shame. Every system is being fine-tuned, reset, cleaned up, and restored to optimal operating mode by an army of molecular troubleshooters." Now every woman can discover the whole-life secrets of getting the best possible benefits from this blissful slumber. Showcasing dozens of tips from the nation’s foremost clinicians and physicians in the field of sleep disorders, along with memorable testimonials from diverse women who share their best sleep solutions, Sleep to be Sexy, Smart, and Slim puts the outdated myths to bed and awakens readers to a new world of joy and vitality.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ayat-ayat cinta

Last month i have read a novel that tittle AYAT-AYAT CINTA. This is the famous novel i think.

This novel about life when get married. The woman sacrifice to save their marriage. She is very patient face her husband bad attitude. Although her husband like that, she still can accept it. I think womens should be like that,right? Whatever problem are, just face it and try to solve it.